Thursday, February 14, 2008

Active week

Managed to get a ton of things done both in the office and at home this week. Work-wise it's been a case of nailing all the GDC (Game Developer's Conference) meetings (of which there are now upwards of 25), finalising the trip itself and arranging what will be said, shown and what-not.

Equally there's been furious planning of the evening socials - with lunches, socials and parties almost every day, it's no wonder we always return absolutely shattered. Am finally looking forward to it after a somewhat pained return from Amsterdam last week - am finally feeling more like the old self, although I don't know if that's a good sign or bad!

At home, I've managed to get one job out of the way; re-decorating the conservatory which took a few days but its pretty much done. After I get back from GDC, the kitchen will be ripped out and a new one fitted, so the house, dining room etc will be a bit of a war-zone. At least with the conservatory done, it's one less thing to worry about getting around to - and it's nice to at least stopped stinking of turps (did I ever mention how much I hate painting the gloss on wood?).

I've got a ton of things to sort at home before I go, much of it is preparation for the kitchen work; throwing old crap away, sorting out temporary freezers, fridges etc whilst it's out of action etc. There's already one dilemma in that our new cooker unit has been delayed a week, but perhaps that means I can have a few sneaky take-aways, am sure Jack will be chuffed.

Off to San Francisco Sunday morning (taxi coming just after 5am) and I hope there's not much fog around as it has been really foggy this week - Leeds/Bradford is the worst place for it and any delay to our flight to Heathrow will put pressure on us getting there on Sunday. Am not looking forwards to the 11hr flight at all and am considering having a strong swig of Night Nurse to get me to sleep...

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