Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cursed decking?

Well, the kids trampoline has been up almost a week and we've had constant rain, more or less, leaving poor young Harry glaring out of the conservatory at the deck. Just like when we put the Gazebo up last year, its just rained ever since. I always blamed the Gazebo for the weather, but now I think it's all down to the deck. Still, Harry has the new Wii Mario Kart to console himself with.

I'm gearing up for the family holiday next month and looking forward to a few days in Sweden before then, prior to one of 2 stag-do's and weddings I'm down for.

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Plasma said...

A gazebo, decking and a trampoline? Man, I'm surprised you haven't had to move house due to flooding with all that stuff outside!
Hmm, if you stop hanging your clothes outside to dry, then you might be able to get a nice day for tramplining now and again...