Monday, April 28, 2008


It's quite incredible (for me, at least) to really notice the impact that today's big-hitting titles are making on the Entertainment stage.

With the growing notion that games really are big business you have the example of GTAIV (out tomorrow) which will no doubt interfere with a bunch of things as a few million people get to grips with it this week. Family time and work time will no doubt be lost - I'm half expecting London to be at a standstill when I visit tomorrow.

It doesn't seem two minutes since everyone was getting highly excited about Halo3 and Gears of War before that... it's happening more and more often and given the line up of titles on the horizon, you have to wonder where it will all go from here - there must be some anxious studios over in LA and it's no surprise the media companies are eying up this industry.

I enjoyed dipping in and out of the PS2 GTA's and whilst it isn't perhaps my game of choice, I'm quite looking forward to seeing what the developers have done. By all accounts it's very impressive and so it should be given the hundreds of man-years of effort by the R* team. I certainly feel for any similar sandbox games coming out in the short-medium term since sales of GTAIV will pretty much knock most other stuff dead, apart from left field Wii stuff, which is about as far-removed from GTAIV as you can get...

As it happens, I'm away in London when my copy of GTA drops through the letterbox, so I'll get to hear about it all 2nd hand as usual... My family's been too busy with Mario Kart and Wii Fit to notice all the fuss about it... although Jack is still knee deep in Warcraft and pops up for air every now and again.

With rumours abound that Leeds Utd might get their 15 points back, being in London for a do at Soho House and a sell out crowd at Elland Rd on Saturday, it's set for an exciting week.

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