Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thrice Robbed!

Robbing No.1:

Leeds United's 15pts. Whilst to be honest, I'm not that fussed about the 15 point fiasco, you have to feel sorry for the team who have generated the results for automatic promotion (1 point behind Swansea). All this despite having a transfer embargo through the summer, having a change of manager mid-season and now on their 3rd coach of the season. Leeds are also the first team to survive relegation after being docked points (which is usually 10, not an additional 15) but of course they did more than survive, they finished 5th and into the play-offs, just 6 points behind Forest, who we helped to 2nd by beating both Doncaster & Carlisle in recent weeks.

The playoff semis start on Friday (Leeds are at home to Carlisle on Mon 12th) and the final is when I'm away on hols, so hopefully I'll be begging the missis to let me go to breakfast at 'The Mad Dog in The Fog' in San Francisco to watch the final... which would be 3rd play-off final lucky for Leeds. I hope I'm not reporting about more 'robbing' when it comes to decisions in the games, it does seem that the Football League have it in for Leeds...

Robbing No.2:

London, Dean Street, Soho, around 1am. Wallet and phone snatched. Bugger. First time for everything and left me a little shell-shocked. I'd been out with a bunch of the UK dev scene to see-off Fred Hasson (Tiga) at Soho House - and got rumbled on the way back to the hotel. Am just lucky it wasn't involving violence, guns or knives etc. Thankfully I've got a good security thing on my cards/ID etc and the phone was insured. There was a bit of hassle sorting it all out, but on reflection, I was lucky it was just the wallet, phone and a bit of cash they took.

Lesson learned anyway, although it's unusual for me to be wandering about on my tod, or not have a coat to keep my wallet in - although it's less unusual to find me wandering about worse for wear at 1am...

Robbing No.3:

The bloody weather. Someone up there has a pretty naughty sense of humour. After what seems like months of cold, damp, windy and miserable weather, just hours after a long bank-holiday weekend we get a spell of fantastic weather... just when we're back in the office. Mind you, with my holiday a fortnight away, I think I can bear it - and at least the kids will get to use the trampoline!


Ash said...

Sorry to hear about the robbing, Martyn. I was mugged once, also in London. They only took a tenner but it took me about six months to recover my confidence.

These people are scum. Hope you fared better than me.

Martyn "Spadge" Brown said...

I had £120 or so in my wallet, but wasn't that fussed about that (not that I chuck it around with abandon) - I was lucky that I wasn't sober and didn't fight them off or whatever as I was a bit pissed at the time - and again lucky that when drunk I don't get overly aggressive as many do.