Monday, April 14, 2008

Jumping for joy

A while back I hit upon the idea of getting the kids a joint birthday present this year; a trampoline. Given we had space on our deck due to the fact that the February winds took care of the rain-inducing, cursed Gazebo, it seemed the ideal spot.

Anyway, said trampoline turned up on Saturday morning and despite the kids bouncing around me every step of setting it up (in the rain) I got it done by mid-day with sore arms due to the fact that the springs were really bloody hard to get in at the end.

Once the thing had dried out by mid afternoon, it was in use most of the day. I've let them have the thing early, partly because I can't see the point of waiting and partly because any exercise Jack gets, the better.

Suffice to say that young Harry is chuffed with it. Tonight I asked if we should get back home to go on the trampoline or call in at ToysRus for Mario Kart Wii. He chose the former :-)

One gem Harry came out with whilst setting it up was "I will be really disappointed if this is a dream"... which was super cute.

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Bryan Reynolds said...

Good to hear the tramplines going down and up well ;) Kids have had loads of value out of ours, particularly Hannah.