Thursday, October 16, 2008


Time that is, positively racing by all accounts.

Mind you, they say time's a great healer and in my case it is, as long as I keep up with my medication (for the diabetes). I'd had a spell, a longish spell, where I'd kind of convinced myself that I had it under dietary control, but to be fair, I really hadn't and I'd undone quite a lot of hard-work I'd put in a couple of years earlier. 

The result was that I ended up being a bit down, tired and listless (which is what happens when my blood-sugar soars) and if anything it's a vicious circle because it doesn't make you be bothered to sort it out, so it gets worse.

Fortunately I had a word with myself (and a few from my mum, you know what they're like) and persevered, have shed a bit of weight (back into those 34" jeans again) and have been semi-religious about the medication, the result being that I'm approaching something like normal blood-sugar again but I'm not quite there yet - it was racing high a few weeks back, which was a bit concerning and I wasn't quite myself for a little while.

It's also helped not being on the road for a while and also not having too many crazy nights out - although I don't think I'll ever really eradicate those since it's part of my make-up, so to speak - it didn't seem to have much effect on me when I kept the weight off before and was on the tablets, I guess I just have to take a bit more care and keep up my side of the bargain.

I must be feeling better anyway since I've started doing some DIY/decorating, including scraping wallpaper off, which is probably my most hated thing in the world.

I've a busy week next week, London Games week the week-after and then it's Lyon and a surprise birthday trip for the missis straight after. By then Guy Fawkes and the bonfires will be long gone and Christmas, New Year and all that 2009 will bring firmly on the horizon.

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