Thursday, October 09, 2008

Winter beckons. Bloody hell.

Despite a glimmer of recent blue sky, the weather is slowly preparing for the winter and that means another year done - at times it's been ridiculously hectic and I've never stopped still. That said, the recent 5-6 weeks in the office have allowed me time to catch back up with our titles and even contribute to one of them in terms of helping shape it's tweaks and polish, which is something I've really missed. I'm mindful that I do this through appropriate channels though and don't undermine any of the pillars of process in place :)

I've finally got off my arse and will get the Jag sold, my T17 reg etc put onto the new car, it's been sat there since late August and if I don't sort it now, it'll be there next August too most likely. A shame because when it's clean, it scrubs up well.

Games' wise and I've been playing a bit of Fifa'09 which is by far the best Fifa yet, as well as watching Harry play the beta of Little Big Planet on PS3. I think it looks fantastic (rare these days for something to conjure it's own unique look) but I'm yet to be totally convinced about the longevity of the experience, time will tell. Otherwise I've been wasting way too much of my time playing the disgustingly addictive 'Puzzle Quest' on the Mac (also on DS, PSP, 360 XBLA and PSN soon - not that I recommend it if you have a lot of stuff to do!).

We're over a month in with Jack at high-school, 6.30am mornings and tired nights, lets just say I'm looking forwards to the school hols and a bit longer in bed on a morning.

Game Connection in Lyon is 3 weeks on Tuesday, a month earlier than it's usual December slot, with London Games Week just before it, for which I'll be in London for a couple of days as well as playing in a 'Gamesaid' games-industry poker tournament.

I'm enjoying coaching the local under 8's and also (weather permitting) acting as photographer on match days, although with the wet & cold starting up, I'm not sure how much longer I'll relish it.

October also seemed to bring an end to Leeds United's run of fine form (6 straight wins in Sept) and losses to Peterborough away and then bloody League 2's Rotherham in a mickey-mouse cup last night, where our back four went AWOL. We're back at Elland Rd on Saturday and I'll be hoping we manage to beat Brighton, which may be a rehearsal for the 4th rd of the League Cup...

Oh well, onwards and upwards!

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