Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The heat is on...

Not just the 80's Beverly Hills cop anthem, but quite literally the heat is on in my office. Some bastard is sneaking in and ramping up my office air-con thermostat to 30deg. just for the hell of it. Nice you might think, but I prefer it really cool - when it's 30deg, there might as well be monkeys swinging from vines, it's like the bloody amazon.

Anyway, I've hatched a cunning plan to catch the culprit, you'll get an update when I do. And I will...

Leeds, meanwhile, chalked up 6 wins from 6 in September and I'm confident we'll be up as champs. Great.

Friday is a dice night at the pride and that'll be fine, as long as the bloody new cups and dice show up!

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