Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enjoyed London

Every day things are falling into place with regards a number of exciting things I'm working on, only one of which has been discussed. It's a really interesting and exciting time set to the backdrop of largely bad news elsewhere in the games industry, but a bunch of us are hoping to help deliver something positive and vibrant - I can't express how great it is working with similar minded people intent on change, with strong vision and passionate commitment.

What's also refreshing is that whilst there's a level of finance, funding and structure behind all of the things, there's very little talk of any of that on the coal-face by the people doing the driving, which is extremely liberating and reminds everyone of the reasons we're all doing what we are.

London was great. I enjoyed a number of meetings with excellent people, not only great at what they do (or what they've done) but their attitude in going about it - and being entertaining to boot. Sometimes I really have to pinch myself, I'm very lucky.

On the train, back up to Yorkshire now, for another meeting... it never ends - and I like it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pre-travel travel!

Am very much looking forwards to returning to what is perhaps my favourite city in the world thus far - although I imagine I'll not feel the same about any another place, San Francisco on Monday.

Before that I'm overnight in London for a bunch of meetings about new stuff, meeting with old friends about other new stuff and having dinner with another old mate who recently got an OBE, so I better be on my best behaviour.

Tomorrow I swap the bright lights of the capital for Doncaster, which I believe is still in the mid-80's for another meeting which may involve a pint or two...

Friday and it's off to see my new friends Double11 in Middlesboro' and whilst I can't hang about and wet the new relationships head in traditional style, i'll ensure I manage that during March - am very excited and pleased to be working with the Double11 team and look forward to very promising times ahead.

Sunday and its an evening journey down to Heathrow before jetting out Monday morning, to apparently a cold and wet west-coast, although there's always a warm, dry welcome in Vesuvio, my favourite bar in San Fran.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Harsing about

One of the great benefits about working with a start-up is the energy and drive about the place. Double11 are a real breath of fresh-air in that regard.

Take for example my business card, which is a real collectors edition (as are many of their own, which have all manner of nonsense on them).

I think it really shows what the guys are about and kudos to them for having the gumption to be a little different.

It certainly makes my own business cards for Insight For Hire look a little dull in comparison :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two decades of history.

Rooting through my old office drawers, rummaging through personal effects and then the hoard of stuff I'd stored in the warehouse over the years ensured a ton of memories came flooding right back.

I expected to be slightly emotional, but oddly, I wasn't at all. It just felt that I'd finally dotted the i's and crossed the T's. In truth, I guess I'd mentally divorced myself from the place a little while ago and if anything it's made me stronger.

The real test will be sharing a drink with many of my former colleagues next month. Colleagues who became - and continue to be - very close, hopefully life-long friends - and it's those people I'll miss most from the incredible time I had over two very short decades.

Great people, great times.

I'll drink to that, if only because I'm such a lucky bastard, it's happening all over again. They say lightning doesn't strike twice, but I've seen cases where it happens three or four times, so let's see eh?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Double 11

After leaving my former employers, which for certain reasons I cannot discuss or mention, I am delighted to announce that my first new role will be helping Double11, a highly talented group of experienced developers based in Middlesborough, grow, develop and expand.

I'll be working in an advisory/strategy role and they're a great bunch to work with - I couldn't be happier or more excited. They are working on a bunch of projects for Sony and I have great faith in both their ability and potential to be one of the UK's strongest indies. So for me, it feels like starting over.

Home Work?

Working from a base at home has been something I have found very natural and I guess it's helped having Facebook since that's kept my social need for 'craic' going strong, so I really don't miss the office environment although of course I do miss a lot of the great people I worked with for such a long time. I'm having a drink with many at my favourite pub next month - and occasionally run into them on the odd day.

Double 11 is likely to be just the first of a few things I undertake as I ramp up my new company, I am delighted to be offered the opportunity to work with true talent and hope that I can play some part in making their businesses better, stronger and perhaps even more fun.